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Cozy Twin Baby Cribs

Are you having trouble taking care of your twins? Does having two full-size cribs around the house take too much space? Having multiple new born children could really eat up valuable space, so making most of your home’s space is very valuable. Luckily, several ingenious twin cribs are available on the market right now.

Here is a list of the most popular twin baby cribs out in the market today. You can choose from whatever suits your space.

Soft Pique Corner Crib for Twins

Twin Baby CribAs the name suggests, the Soft Pique Corner Crib is ideally placed on a corner of a room. The ingenious triangular construction which features two adjacent sides to be set to the wall with a rounded side facing open space. It’s an ideal for rooms with limited space or legroom. The Corner Crib can also be set back to back with another Corner Crib to form a semi-circle.

It features a very natural finish and a canopy for added protection and elegance. Because of its unusual shape, custom mattresses and bedding is quite costly, though it can be available from the manufacturer themselves.

TwinsThings Twin Corner Cot: L-shaped Crib for Twins

Another convenient space saving twin crib is the L-shaped Crib for Twins by British company TwinsThings. Twins things makes the most out of a room corner by creating an L-shaped crib that virtually fits any right angled corner. The crib features a diagonal divider with an option to choose the either a solid or clear material.

The L-shaped Crib is also one of those convertible cribs where it being a crib is not its use forever. The crib can eventually be converted into toddler beds, or sofa.

Pamco Twin Crib

twin baby cribsPamco is a leading manufacture of twin cribs in New Zealand and has recently reached the international market. It is made from renewable radiata pine, so it is eco-friendly.

It is the most traditional looking crib among the twin cribs. It actually looks like a slightly longer full-size single crib with a wood and plexiglass divider at the middle.


The Whitney Brothers Double Decker Crib

This crib actually looks like an open-air cabinet. This would be the best  choice for twins living in cramped up space like tiny urban apartments. The safety rails are very sturdy, and moves up and down with automatic safety latches that can hold the rails up or down.

It requires only six square feet of floor space, and stands in about six feet tall. The biggest concern about the double decker crib is the chance of the upper deck to crash. Though this would be an almost zero probability, you can’t blame a worrying parent.


Little Miss Liberty’s Duetta Twin Round Crib

Little Miss Liberty is renowned for creating one of the most unusual cribs – the round crib. Making a bigger, more unusual, and avant garde step, Little Miss Liberty came up with the Duetta Twin Round Crib.

The cribs can easily be converted into individual cribs, as well as connect other individual Duettas for extra arrivals. Extra Arrivals? Yes. The Duetta is best for not only twins, but for triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets as well (maybe more!).

The Duetta includes a canopy extension for each individual crib which makes the crib look like a birdcage for infants. I do not suggest choosing the rounded canopy extension for your purchase, instead, choose the fluted canopy. The fluted canopy doesn’t make the Duetta like a pair of sophisticated Victorian birdcages, but more like a classical French pavilion.

Crib Divider

The cheapest, simplest and most practical way to find space for your twins is by using a crib divider to divide a full-sized crib effectively and safely. A crib divider would only cost you about $30 but this obviously only a temporary solution for twin space. The crib divider is ideal for the early months of the twins where they can find ample comfortable space within the confines of a singular crib that you opt to choose rather than a twin baby crib.

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